Going to Nowhere

Hi everybody! Some of my posts start off with that greeting due to my deep admiration of The Simpsons tv show. There’s a character in the show, Dr. Nicholas Riviera, better known as Dr. Nick; a quack doctor whose always prescribing the easy way out. Whenever he comes out in an episode, he always says, “Hi everybody!”.… More Going to Nowhere

Slow down!

Vacations are meant to be a break away from your reality. A time to decompress and let go of aaaalll that stress from your job, responsibilities, and people that annoy you. It is meant to be 3-14 days of bliss, depending on how much time off you could get. So why is it, that when… More Slow down!

Top 11 things to NOT do in Asia, that I totally did

Hi Fraaands🙂 I have just returned from my 2 month journey in south east Asia and could not be missing it more! I finally slept last night, in my current time zone, so I am awake enough to write! When traveling, there’s always someone around to tell you what you should do…and what you shouldn’t.… More Top 11 things to NOT do in Asia, that I totally did