People Watching

Hi everyone,

I am sitting at a coffee shop as I write this post, and I racked my brain long enough to drink a tall cup of tea, wondering, what shall I write about today. I love travel, so surely, I should write about traveling. But I couldn’t narrow it down; which country, which style of travel, which language to write it in?!

I finally chose a topic and began to type, and then looked out the window. I suddenly realized, I’ve been staring out of the window all morning, remembering, how much I enjoy people watching. I could sit on a bench for hours and just watch people pass by. I wonder what they’re thinking, where they are going, what there worries and fears may be. How they solve problems, or ignore them. And I just go on and on, wondering, watching, contemplating their lives.

I love doing this in Europe, because the abundance of cafes hails me over like clean pool on a hot summer day. Lol, that was a bad example. What I mean is that, Europeans basically want me to sit at their cafe’s and watch other Europeans. So I do, and I will. In Los Angeles, this isn’t as popular, but I’ll continue to watch.

Anyways, as I sit here and watch the people come and go and sit and watch others, I wonder. Why do I like doing this so much? Why does it bring me so much relaxation? I think I enjoy watching human beings interact with one another and observe how we treat each other. How some people will ignore the homeless woman, and how others wont. How the man under the umbrella checks out the hot young woman passing by. Or how the delivery man loads and reloads his dolly, bringing in more coffee. More coffee, more caffeine, to keep everyone going, going, going. My world, here in the US, in a big city, is always going. It’s fast, loud, busy, and so easy to fall into. I hardly ever remember to stop and smell the flowers. But when I do, I continuously surprise myself why I waited so long to do so! People are my flowers, and watching them lightens all my senses. I feel as though I have slowed down the world around me and everyone is in slow motion. I am in slow motion.

I love people watching. It reminds me that we are all people. Rich or poor, young or old, we are all human beings going through our day to days. And we are all blessed to have a chance to do that. So! As you’re bitching to your co-worker about your other annoying co-worker, or complaining about all the traffic, or pulling your hair out over the rising cost of gas, remember! Remember to stop and smell your flowers, or have a seat and people watch for a while. Do whatever brings you a quiet moment. A peaceful heart is quite a happy one, I think.

I’m rambling, but I like it. I spent this morning worrying about what to write, because I wanted to ensure it would be something everyone would enjoy reading. But then I remembered why I started blogging, it wasn’t to please the world. It was to share my voice and my thoughts, with who ever wants to listen.


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