Which way to go, when all the arrows point to…

Paris, je t’aime.

I have always had a love/obsession with France. I don’t know where it sprouted from or how it grew so strongly within me, but it did. That country has stolen my heart and I can no longer bear being away from her.

I kinda need my heart back!!!

For the last two years I have visited France from 5 days to one month and of course, never want to leave. I’m finally mentally ready to toss the fear aside and move! There are many different ways to move abroad and support yourself.

Save up, a lot.

Teach English

Au Pair

Go to school

Get lucky and find an under the table job

I’m in between teaching english or going as a student, both options have their pros and cons, and a whole blog post worthy of information, which I will write at a later date, once I choose one! Whilst in my research I’ve come across an ocean of options. Teach in the beautiful south of France, teach in the diverse Prague city center, earn your TEFL in the exciting Hong Kong! And now, I am literally all over the place. I love the internet because it can provide so much useful information in seconds. Sometimes though, it is so overwhelming, the information, that I begin to consider too many options and then end up not making a decision and don’t move forward to the next step.

Hence, why I NOW want to seriously consider earning a TEFL certificate in THAILAND!! Yes, the Land of Smiles 🙂

I’ve only heard a million and two wonderful things and I’ve never been, so of course, I’m dying to go. But if I go to Thailand, then I am only pushing back my move to France, isn’t that what I’ve always wanted?! Yes!! Just because your plans don’t always make sense, doesn’t mean that they aren’t right, or that they won’t work out. If I spend a lovely summer in Thailand and earn my TEFL certificate, I’ll be able to achieve two goals with one plane ticket. I’ll visit a new place I’ve always wanted to go to ( Pad Thai is my FAVORITE meal) and earn a cert. that will help me earn an income in France and almost any country I would want to go to. Thailand is incredibly inexpensive to my American dollar, so I may even be able to save more money than I would living in my highly populated U.S. city.

Decisions, decisions, my friends. DO expect updates and more posts on my adventure planning. And please, if you’ve been to Thailand, or have taught english, or have any France tid-bits, SHARE IT WITH ME! I love learning through a first hand experience, even if it isn’t my own.

À tout à te l’heur


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