Pinterest makes you eat more.


My name is Vanessa and I eat a lot of food, thanks to Pinterest.

It sounds nuts, but it’s true! Pinterest is my go to meal inspiration to keep myself from resorting to a standard grilled cheese. I love typing in an ingredient that I have and scrolling through all the beautiful pictures of beautiful food!

Mmmm, my mouth is watering (Insert picture of fluffy pancakes dripping in syrup and butter). IMG_5978

Oh, did I forget to mention today was free pancake day at IHOP?!!? We opted for the home cooked version and it was off. the. chain.

I just wanted to share my love of food with you. I’m fearful that my travels will keep me away from the kitchen, but we all must make sacrifices for what we love, right?! I know, it’s crazy, but as I’ve said before, I’m crazy.

We’ve been cooking and baking a whole lot this last month in our little home and here are some of my top favorite awesome recipes with some not so awesome i phone photos. 🙂

This French bread was delicious and soft and fresh for two weeks after baking! Be sure to keep it tightly stored in saran/plastic wrap!

I never knew how easy crepes were to make! I love ’em! Now I can have a little piece of France with me whenever I want. We stored our extra crepes in a zip lock bag, but there shelf life isn’t more than 5 days. Freezing them could be an option?

Pretzels. Beer. Germany. That’s all I’m thinking about when I’m chomping down on these soft, buttery, warm, and ridiculously tasty treats! We put our leftovers in a zip lock bag, but finished them off the next day!

This dish was off the chain, light, super healthy, and savory.

I included a few pictures of my results so you can see how they actually turned out, because we all know food IRL (in real life) is not the same Pinterest and Instagram. 😉

Light and slightly sweet crepes filled with nutella, strawberries, and bananas, topped with powdered sugar, strawberry, and nutella. I also used less sugar! Half a spoon less.
Oh this vegetable tian… excellent way to use up veggies or kick up dinner an easy notch. It’s covered in cheese on a bed of sautéed onions, I promise you won’t regret this one!
SO soft on the inside, almost crunchy on the outside, slap some home made butter on this puppy and you are in HEAVEN!

There are so many more treats and dishes that I love to make and bake and mix and fry!! But I’m only leaving a few that weren’t too hard or were a bit of a feat, challenge yourself! Follow me on Pinterest @VoyagingVanessa for my food recipes and travel inspiration! And if there’s something super tasty that you’ve had before then please comment and let me know!

À tout à l’heur!


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