Staying in touch…FOR FREE?!

Hi everybody!

Today I thought about something I usually never think about until I need it, international data. Making  calls, searching for a restaurant online, or using maps, all on my phone, is usually impossible because I refuse (can’t afford) to pay for roaming charges.


Thanks to technology and the ever demanding need to always be connected, cell phone conglomerates have adapted to survive! T-mobile, specifically, now offers FREE, F-R-E-E, UNLIMITED DATA AND TEXT in over 120 countries. Basically, every country I planned on visiting (next blog post well dish out the deets), I will have the opportunity to text and surf the web without worrying about an obnoxious cell phone bill.

I’m sure other providers have joined this train, and I know Verizon has been offering international coverage for some time, but since I’m with T-mobile, that’s what I’ll be chatting about today.

You can go to and search which country you’re going to visit to see what the coverage will be like. Thailand, for instance, has 2g coverage all over the country and 3g coverage in a few areas in the middle.

What plan do you need? The simple choice plan, which I turned out to have (hurray!). It includes the unlimited data and text throughout the visiting country and back to the US, or any other covered country.

“But Vanessa, I HAVE to make phone calls!” Fine, fine! Our thumbs must rest at some point, I suppose. If you call to the US, Mexico, or Canada, the call is FREE! If you call within the country, Thailand lets say, it’s 20 cents per minute. No fuss, no calling cards, or sim cards, just dial and talk fast! Of course, the calls will be better quality over wi-fi, usually, but it isn’t necessary. If you can get service, you can make a phone call, or face time!

I have never raved about a cell phone provider, but this is so exciting that I just had to share it with my small little world. So now you know, I will be writing and posting with ease on my travels thanks to T-mobile and my easy to use I-phone.  This isn’t a sponsored post either, I’m just really excited that I’ll have free coverage 🙂

Keep in mind, there are so many free apps that allow you to text/call/video chat, like Viber and Whats App. They only work over wi-fi, but they do work, and I’ve used them for years. So, although you may travel alone, you can always be in touch.


Voyaging Vanessa


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