Vegas Baby!

Hi everyone!

These last two weeks I’ve been researching a lot on the “Vegas hook up”.

Next weekend will be my first bachelorette party in Vegas. Although I’ve been to Vegas several times for work and fun, I’ve yet to go for the stereotypical bachelorette. And I am basically, ridiculously excited.

I want to make sure that my bride-to-be has an unforgettable experience, so I’ve been reading through lots of blogs, tips, and asking around! The verdict is = find promoters!

After one tweet and about 15 minutes, I had promoters reaching out to me with free entrances to day clubs, night clubs, even exotic male dancing shows. Hurray!! That’s exactly what a group of 7 girls need for a fun weekend celebrating our girl’s last fling. I’m still comparing options, but…

Here’s what I have planned so far:

Friday -day club pool party at Tao Las Vegas with an hour of open bar, free entry

Friday night – A live show, a little Thunder from Down Under? Or some sick dance moves from the Jabbawockeez… SO many options! I’ll likely go with the best deal I can find:)

Saturday- spa day! To soothe our aching feet 🙂 I  haven’t decided which spa, but I’m in between the Aria or the Palms Hotel. I haven’t been to the Aria, but I’ve heard great reviews! The Palms hotel has a wonderful day spa, so I’m a bit biased!

Saturday- A night of dancing at Tao nightclub at the Venetian Hotel with an hour of open bar. We do have to arrive by 10:30 pm to check-in.

Sunday- A true ladies day indeed with plans to have high tea at a lovely parlor. I still haven’t found a place, so if anyone has any tips, please share them away!

Sunday evening we all fly or drive off into the sunset and to our respective beds to pass the f**k out. 🙂

None of the plans are set in stone yet, since I’d like to hear back from a few more promoters. Although I must say, the response time, for my first time, at twitter promoting, was astonishingly fast! I need to familiarize myself more with these social media platforms to see what they can really do.

Please feel free to share thoughts on our little Vegas adventure! I’ll be sure to update next week about our weekend and with a few not to embarrassing photos.



Voyaging Vanessa


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