To pack, or to pack really really late and be stressed?

Ths guy knows his stuff!

The struggle, is first world problem, real.

I don’t know about you, but most people seem to hate packing.

I certainly don’t enjoy it. I always leave it until the last minute, like it’s 1 am and I have to be at the airport at 5:00 am.

I have to admit, my roommate motivated this post. He is going to Chi-town for the weekend for some fun and, well, more fun! Just now, he walked into the room and told us of his packing agony. I laughed and he asked, “Is there anywhere in your blog that helps with packing motivation?! I hate packing!”

After laughing again, I realized there wasn’t! And now I’m typing away to ask, what motivates you to pack before a trip?

Is it, buying new outfits to wear for your week in a tropical paradise? Or stuffing your underwear into your shoes to save space for your 6 month journey? I have yet to stuff the underwear into the shoe, I just can’t get over the idea of my bum smelling like my feet. Hahahaha 🙂

Personally, it’s two-fold for me. One, once I start packing, it means my dreams are now becoming a reality. My idea has left my paper, and my money has left my bank account. My back pack is my first tangible piece of evidence that I am about to embark on an exciting journey to a place I’ve never been. The second? It’s sleep, the sooner I finish, the sooner I can go to sleep! And there isn’t anything better than a full nights rest, am I right?

Here’s a funny article I stumbled upon about packing woes: 

Thanks Cosmo, for keeping it “real”!

Let me know what motivates you! I’d love to hear what gets you excited for upcoming travel trips. 🙂


Voyaging Vanessa


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