Home cooked memories

Hi guys!

Forgive me for such a lapse in time! After we got back from our bachelorette weekend in Vegas, I was pooped! And it’s been non stop with getting our place ready, cooking and getting things nice and clean for a very special visitor, Felicia’s dad.:)

We love hosting and I love cooking and baking! After two successful nights I decided to make a week of it and explore cuisines around the world.

On Sunday we finished off our flour so on Monday, my sister, Vicky, Felicia, and I went grocery shopping. We bought a 25 pound bag of flour for 6$. Then we came home and made 4 pizzas and a pan of garlic knots.

We invited our neighbors over, who are all absolutely amazing, and ate, drank some beers (and some bullet rye for those with some cojones) and had an awesome impromptu week night. Sorry for the run on sentence, I’m on a roll.

One of the biggest reasons I love cooking is because I’m saving money. It’s all about that paper, yo.

The Monday night pizzas cost a total of 11.25$!!! The most expensive item was the cheese, which was on sale for 4$, Jahaha.

It gives me so much joy to bring flavors together, in turn bringing people together. And if I’m able to save money for my travels all while doing it, then yes please!


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