I forgot to take a selfie

Hi everybody,

Currently I’m riding back seat from our very quick 36 hours in San Francisco. Felicia and I took his dad up to visit a friend he hadn’t seen in 28 years!!

They’ve spoken sparingly through out the years but still maintained their friendship. It was very nice to be a part of the reunion and to meet his friend and his wife.

While there, I also managed to see a dear old friend and a newer, but still dear, other friend. It was a very productive 36!

And it got me thinking about how grateful I am for memories.

I was scolding myself earlier a bit because I didn’t take any pictures of the reunions and places we went. Then realized, sometimes it’s not about the photos, or the snap chats, or the status updates. It’s about the hugs, the laughs, or the old familiar scents that each of us carry.

This reminded me that travel isn’t always about exploring and seeing the new. It’s also about remembering and reconnecting, further solidifying your relationships.

Remember to stop and smell the flowers next time, before or after you take the selfie.;)


Voyaging Vanessa


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