How to score cheap flights to Awesome places

Hi everybody,

Now that I’ve gone and told my whole little world about my blogging, I feel as though all the doors to travel opportunities have been flung open and are beckoning me. They’re calling out and saying “Vanessa, come visit this place. No, no, come here; we have a better exchange rate!”


Well I can’t be everywhere at once, but I can certainly be somewhere everyday. And you can too! Hopefully you’ll be able to see how beaucoup (NOT!) money it is to fly or ride around the world.

There are a million ways you can save on travel, but here are my top five:

1.Be flexible! Flying out on Tuesday-Thursday usually drops the price at least $100

2.Use your points! By using a points earning credit card for the purchases you’re going to make regardless, you could be earning yourself a free one way to Europe. I’ve done it twice now! My favorite card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

3, Don’t travel in peak season. France in the middle of summer, beautiful, yes, but also the most expensive time of the year! If you can sacrifice just a bit on ideal weather conditions, you can enjoy so much more for so much less money.

4. Travel the road less traveled. I know, it’s redundant, but try somewhere new! There are so many loosely discovered places in the world that are quite cheap to travel to because not enough people know about them yet!

5. Be open. Hostels aren’t for everyone, but they are more comfortable than you would expect. I’ve stayed in some hostels before that were better than some hotels. There is also AIRBNB, couch surfing (on my to-try list!), home stays, and so many ways to stay that isn’t a costly hotel. If you are gung-ho about hotels, than be sure to do your research! There are many ways to save and grab deals to even the 4 & 5 star hotels. Sleeping is the most expensive part of a trip, after the flight, why not save on that too?

Once a week I’ll be posting weekly deals that I find through all my travel searches. Some are time sensitive, as in, you have 48 hours to book; others only last as long as the seats do. It would benefit you to instill some flexibility with the dates, but usually, the time frame is so large that your two-week vacation could fit right into the fancy deal. The more you save on flights, the more you’ll have to spend on exploring! Or to pay off debt before you can go exploring! It’s a win-win.

What happened to air travel - Imgur

So, be on the look out for those cash money savings and please, please, please do ask me any questions you may have!

P.s., I highly recommend using a points earning credit card to help travel even more, for free! Check out #thepointsguy for detailed information on choosing which card is best for you. This guy is a genius!

Below are this week’s deals :

Select US cities TO Bogota, starting at $240 RT

Los Angeles TO Istanbul from $680 RT

Select US cities to Amsterdam, starting at $199 RT!!

NYC TO Dublin from $299 RT

$25 OFF your Air BNB stay, just use my link below 🙂


6 thoughts on “How to score cheap flights to Awesome places

  1. Hahahhahaha that picture basically sums it up!

    I’m wanting to ask if you knew any great approach to get around Ireland. I’d like to see the northern side but I’d really only have about a week or so off from work. I’d love to go back to the cliffs of moher but I’ve already seen Dublin Cork and Galway.

    Any tips would be great! Thanks for the deals!! That RT from NYC to Dublin is a crazy good deal!


    1. Hi Vicky! I’d suggest to fly into Dublin since its usually the cheapest and then take a bus to Galway for a day trip to the cliffs of Moher. From there you can take the bus to Northern Ireland instead of Dublin. There are so many wonderful things to see (Giants causeway!) that you’ll be more than happy to spend 5 days there. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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