Shots vs Disease (possibility!)

I’m afraid of needles. Yes. Yes, I am. I’m cool with donating blood and blood work, but I can’t watch that puppy go in, not yet. Once the needle has been in my arm for a few minutes I’ll look over and see what’s going on, but I always turn away.

I just don’t really like it. The pinch, the numbing, the little bit of pain, yes, I’m a wuss! But that’s how I feel!!

This is me, on the inside of course. I'm an adult and don't make scenes in public.
This is me, on the inside of course. I’m an adult and don’t make scenes in public.

Last week, while planning my trip, my boyfriend reminded me that I should probably get my shots soon. I was like, “um- WHAT?!!?” And then he laughingly explained all the diseases I could potentially come across and how preparedness never hurt NO BODY.

You guys, I hate shots! So much so that for the first minute I considered not going to Asia because I didn’t want to get the shots. Then rationale kicked in. Of course there are diseases all over the world; there is no reason why I shouldn’t be pre-cautious. Am I going to live my life in fear of a couple of needles (yes?!).

I’m cringing as I write this!

I’m sure I’ll eventually get the shots. I must. I will..!?

Have you been to Asia? Are you uncomfortable with shots? How did you overcome this silly-ness?

Look at this kid, he's a champ!
Look at this kid, he’s a champ!

XO and lots of cringing

Voyaging Vanessa


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