Top 11 things to NOT do in Asia, that I totally did

Hi Fraaands 🙂

I have just returned from my 2 month journey in south east Asia and could not be missing it more! I finally slept last night, in my current time zone, so I am awake enough to write!

When traveling, there’s always someone around to tell you what you should do…and what you shouldn’t. Take alot of pictures! Don’t walk by yourself! Bring me back a souvenir!

I’ve heard 100’s. And I’m here to tell ya that of all the things I was advised not to do, I pretty much did all of them.

Hahaha, check it:

  1. Don’t eat the street food

Hahahahahaa. This was top 2 best part of my trip! I ate inside restaurants less than 15 times over the course of 2 months. Street food is WHERE IT’S AT. So delicious, so cheap ( I paid 1$ or less for most meals), and so much safer probably! You can see what they’re doing where as restaurants, who knows how many rats are hiding in there!

2.Don’t drink the water

I did ride this train for the first two and a half weeks. Then, at a tiny food spot, they offered me ice water. It was so hot out, I thought, why the fuck not? And I was FINE! From henceforth, table water for me!



3. don’t talk to strangers

But how will I know where i’m going?! I talked to a stranger every single day. Most times though, strangers reached out to me first. Sure, sometimes to sell me their products or services, but usually just to say hello or offer directions

4. don’t touch the animals

But who will pet all these puppies?!

5.don’t walk alone/go out at night

You know I gotta get my party on boo boo. I’m a night owl, and sometimes a day owl, but when I’m a night owl, the music calls my soul! And my need to get my groove on is strong. Sometimes though, people party more than I do and I want to go back to my bed and sleep. So, yes, that involved walking alone at night, usually in very lit areas. And if I knew it was a dark path back home, I made a quick dash, or sacrificed an hour of sleep to walk back with a friend. The point is, I always did what I wanted to.

6. don’t stay in hostels

I am a budget traveler forever, and in order to be a budget traveler, I must save my dolla, dolla bills ya’ll. Also, hostels are SO MUCH FUN! You meet other like minded solo explorers and before you know it, you’ve created a little group of your own.

7. don’t take local transportation

Taxis are everywhere, except the GIli islands where you can only walk or take a horse! Stop distracting me. You can grab a cab in any tourist location and get from A to B, but it will cost you. And normally cost you an obnoxious amount if they pin you as a non-local. Most cabs in Asia do NOT use a meter, so you’re usually paying 3-4 times more than what the cost is. Why, knowingly, be scammed when you could avoid it all together? Buses and trains are the way to go. They are cheap cheap cheap! 17$ for a 12 hour ride? Yes, please! And it’s another experience to add into your travel journal. You never know what it’s like to REALLY have to go pee, until you see a bus toilet.. Trust me, you don’t really have to go, yet.

8. don’t wear a money belt

This was hilarious to me. Tons of websites said, wear a money belt! Others said, no, don’t! I always bring mine, but I do dislike wearing it because I sweat so damn much. Upon noticing, travelers were wearing money belts like the new fanny packs. I am LOL-ing just thinking about it. Men and women wore them over their pants, around their shoulders, and on their arms- LIKE A PURSE. hahaha, I wish I took a few photos of those..

9. don’t eat raw vegetables/fruits

Um, nope. I had a fruit juice or shake almost every day. The fruit was always sitting out. Veggies too.

10. don’t stray away from the tourists

I heard this one a lot. “Always make sure you’re around the masses.” Which truly is sound and appropriate advice. You wouldn’t want to be trapped in an alley way as primo bait. But you definitely shouldn’t stick to only what Trip advisor or Lonely Planet suggests. There were gardens of flowers, exotic hikes, and breath taking views I never would have envisioned, if a local or a new friend hadn’t of suggested it. Explore the unknown! Safely and respectfully.

11. don’t go anywhere alone

This one is a bit different from number 10, because it focuses more on spending time by yourself.

I ate alone in restaurants. I drank alone in bars. I walked alone in the streets. I rode alone in cars. I did it all by myself.

And if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful, beautiful people along the way. All the people who made my trip exactly what it was meant to be. Amazing, Incredible, Extraordinary, and every bad ass description you can think of.

Live ya life baby; and do everything you want or don’t want to do.

I am, and I am certainly not going back to doing what anyone tells me to.


Voyaging Vanessa

2 thoughts on “Top 11 things to NOT do in Asia, that I totally did

  1. I agree on all but the water, he’ll I am from Michigan and I am sure you heard about Flint. Takes a while for about to get used to the different bacteria in water. Locals are used to it. But maybe you have an amazing constitution or killed them with beer after. Either way great read.

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