Slow down!

Vacations are meant to be a break away from your reality. A time to decompress and let go of aaaalll that stress from your job, responsibilities, and people that annoy you. It is meant to be 3-14 days of bliss, depending on how much time off you could get.

So why is it, that when you go on vacation, to a new destination, you now have a full itinerary of things to do, times to eat, and places to see. A mini routine to ensure that you are performing your relaxation at optimal levels. Your free time has turned into full on packaged tour mode. Why do we feel the need to do this? TO cram in as much stuff as possible, to ensure you get all your moneys worth during your time away?


Well, advertisements sure do help! 15 second commercial spots that pull you away into a magical land filled with adventure, romance, big buildings, and sexy people. For $7,456 YOU can have all this and more!!! But what if I told you, that for only $0.00, you could have ALL THAT and more! Yes, YES, you can have it for freeeeee.


If you’re new to my page here, (hi, welcome!) then you don’t know that I am not that kind of traveler. I don’t take vacations. I take journeys. Because I don’t think you have to work until you’re about to explode for 49 weeks a year, so you can “earn” 2 weeks of pseudo bliss. I am worth more than that description, and You are too.

But being raised in the good ole US of A, it makes it a little hard to shake this mentality. For me at least, it always takes a bit, before I remind myself to slow down and just stop planning. Stop preparing, stop coordinating.

That was a big obstacle for me to overcome. The first two weeks my days were full and non-stop, packed with activities and sight seeing. Then I crashed, and thought, what the fuck? I still have two more months! Hahaha. I laugh a lot while I write, so I feel it’s only appropriate to insert them when I haha. Hahaha, that’s a weird sentence.

So yeah, once I reflected over this odd phenomena, I smiled and took steps to start traveling and appreciating in a different way. For me, slow and steady is the shoe that fits! Experiences were processed in a more resonating way, creating an impactful take away.

The test came when I arrived to Bali. I had two weeks to tour the island, and most of my time was spent eating, talking to locals, and lounging. Some nights, my mind would wonder why I wasted the day. And I would remind myself that I hadn’t. I did more for myself in that day, those weeks, than I had in this whole year. When you slow down, and get real quiet, your soul starts to satisfy you more than you knew it could. The city of Ubud collected most of my time and it was perfect. The indulgent incense everywhere, awakening your senses every morning, set the mood for the day. The people, hailing you down for a taxi, every 15 seconds, were quickly drowned out as your eyes gravitated up- to the trees, the mountains, all in their lush green glory. When I reached a point where I had to bring myself to awareness, to leave my hypnotic daze it was usually for food or thankfully to see  the beauty of the white and black sand beaches. Even as I write this I’m thinking to myself, where am I getting these words from? Haha, but it’s simply how I felt- every day, in Ubud, Bali.

Every single human being on this planet is unique  and that is awesome. We all process the world differently, so what works for some won’t work for others.

To be clear, the first two busy weeks of my trip were incredible. I don’t regret moving so quickly and sharing the amazing days with strangers I now call friends. I do want to share that their is a different way to travel though! If you have that job where you can only leave for a set amount of time on a trip, I commend you. I wish I could be so disciplined and committed. When you go away, do not even question, that you deserve your time off. But do remember, that regardless if you worked your ass off or not, you deserve that time off. You always deserve to explore and dream and frolic in wanderlust.

Lol, now I’m getting corny, so I’ll leave you with this frankipani flower. This is the most beautiful flower I have ever smelled.



Voyaging Vanessa

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