The coming home blues


Hi friends,

It’s been one month since I’ve last written. Upon returning from my Asian adventure, I spent one week freezing my bum off and went snow boarding for the first time. It was awesome.



Then I came to my forever home for the holidays and family time. Here is where I’ve been transitioning back into current reality. Truthfully, I didn’t think that I would have to transition at all. The plan was to explore an unknown (to me) part of the world and return refreshed, cultured, and intrigued, which I did, but I didn’t expect the back lash of emotions. Lethargy, all around boredness, and lack of drive crept into me ; two months on the other side of the world, which didn’t seem long to me compared to all the year long travelers I was meeting, did affect me.

Back in the US there is driving, traffic laws, wifi everywhere, being connected 24/7, people speaking your language, which forces you to have to speak more to people, and an over all “non-stop” attitude. Go, go, go, eat, sleep, go. Um…what happened to breath? pause? reflect?

Where is Bali and all the incense!?  

Nope! No time for that! I didn’t realize how busy we keep ourselves here, nor do I enjoy it anymore. With the mad dash of Christmas and New Years, it wasn’t until after the 1st of the year that I could reflect on 2015 at all. What did I discover? Many things.

  1. Traveling is awesome and 2015 was filled with a boat load of it! Praise the Lord!
  2. I missed my family
  3. It’s nice seeing my grandparents, I really enjoyed them this time around
  4. When I stopped traveling, I felt numb and unmotivated

The last one there, I don’t like- obvs. I don’t want to be addicted to traveling. If I’m not somewhere new, I’m not happy? No, no, that’s not good. So that’s what I’m working on; finding a balance. Appreciating the “same old, same old”, while discovering my hometown and the areas around it.  Discovery? There’s a ton to see and do in south Florida and I remember now why so many people love it here; I’m proud to call it home. 
I am happy to be back, because it is so wonderful to see and hug my family. People that love me and that I love in return. Blessings upon blessings surround me, and I’m beyond eternally grateful. How lucky am I, are we, to be alive and free to speak our minds? I hope you have the same love in your life. And if you don’t think you do, then remember this. I love you for reading this. Seriously; it’s taken me, and still takes me, so much to put all my jumbled thoughts out there in the internet world. I appreciate you for letting me into your inbox and scrolling through my words. šŸ™‚

I really want travel blogging to become my full time swing, because I really do enjoy this. Exploring, writing, connecting with people from around the world, and expressing myself creatively; it’s my dream coming to life in a way. But it isn’t all adventure time and epic sunsets. Sometimes (as in, when I need to make more money times) I’ll have to find inspiration from old photos, books, or the blogs of other writers, instead of a current exotic destination. And I’m OK with that.

Yay for blogging! Are there any other travelers out there that have gone through the coming home blues? I’d love to hear your stories.:)

Voyaging Vanessa

4 thoughts on “The coming home blues

  1. Yay for blogging indeed! As much as you appreciate others reading your blog, we appreciate you taking the time to thoroughly write down your experiences, thoughts, advice and feelings. Its a time consuming and mentally tiring task at times but the words mean so much to those living vicariously through your experiences. Thanks for your honesty as far as hitting a wall after your travels. That is the reality people come home to. I hope one day you can blog and travel for a living. Until then, I hope you have a prosperous 2016 full of exciting job opportunities and peace. P.s that is the cutest dog ever! Take care!

  2. Ugh, I can not relate to your post any more. If fact, I may share it on my blog because my coming home blues are in full swing. Although, the new year has forced some motivation into me and I find myself settling into a “rhythm.” Workout, job hunt, study french, study italian, edit photos/blog, and be lazy. I can’t tell you how many films I’ve watched since arriving home. Yes, I want to catch up, but I also don’t leave my house because the real world is most of the time too overwhelming (culture shock). It’s rough when you come back. I’m itching to leave again but you are right when you say, “if i’m not somewhere new, then i’m not happy?” That’s going to be my motivation to get out of this slump. Thanks, Vanessa, and keep blogging!

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