The best Banh Mi in Hanoi, Vietnam

I love bread. I LOVE BREAD. Whenever I’m home, I bake bread…every week… because I love it. I love it with real butter and fresh out of the oven. Wait for it to cool down? NEVER!! First, death by fingers burning!

So on this note, while I was touring around Asia I realized that bread isn’t as popular there as it is in the states or in Europe. But, oh, was I pleasantly surprised, to see how very popular bread indeed was in VIETNAM!




BANH MI is an oh so delicioso vietnamese sand which. Banh literally translates to bread.

So, why bread in Vietnam; specifically, crunchy soft french bread? Well, let me educate ya. Vietnam won its independence in 1954; after France heavily influencing/ruling since the early 19th century. The major involvement of the French forces in 1787 helped start the Nyguen Dynasty, which was the last ruling Vietnamese family. When you step into the bigger cities, like Hanoi, it’s as if you’re in France, but there isn’t much cheese or wine.

After a few days of trying food I couldn’t even begin to pronounce along with some banH mi’s, I FINALLY had THE BEST banh mi of my life! And maybe your life too!


They are called Banh Mi 25


I had the jambon (french for ham), for 20,000 dong, which it about 60 cents.=)


They are a food stand on the sidewalk in between a restaurant and… the place next door filled with random things.


There are on this corner, so google map that boo.


There she sits!



Forgive the lack of photos and clarity, but it was so damn good I couldn’t wait!

The bread was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The vegetables were fresh and the meat was perfect. They had a few tables set up and also free bananas for everyone!

I’ve been craving delicious food today, and felt that I had to share one of the many delicious and most iconic snacks of Vietnam.

Now go get you one! Or get on Pinterest and make it!


Voyaging Vanessa

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