Top 5 Tips for saving for a trip


It’s been so long! I know; I usually start off by saying that don’t I? Hahaha.

OK, seriously, I’m going to write more. OK.

Here are my top 5 CONSISTENT things I do to make sure the “excuses doubt train” doesn’t mess with my mojo and keep me from a bad ass trip!




This is the biggest money guzzler friends, for realz. I noticed a savings of hundreds of dollars- a month. Don’t know how to cook? Learn; make Pinterest and youtube your bff. Don’t like cooking for one? Try it, I’m sure you’ll get over it once you look at the extra digits in your account. Lazy? Stop being lazy.

Find a way to remind yourself daily about your plans. I will look up typical dishes in the city I want to go to, watch movies that are set in “x” destination, and read travel blogs of other writers to keep me pumped about all the awesome places they are seeing! And I’m not… because I kept going to the Taco truck on the corner. Every DOLLAR counts!

I made this…


So I could see this.



I know, that one hit me where it hurts too… But for realzies.. Even during a good Happy Hour, you’re still leaving when a thinner wallet. See above.

I’m not saying to stop enjoying the libations, but change it up. Take yourself to Smart N Final (or any bulk store) and buy your fav wines/beers/ liquors, whatever. Invite your friends over and have the bar at your house. I started doing this and have saved SO MUCH mula. Plus, I always have wine. #winning

Drinking in Vietnam is cheaper than America =)


Now listen here. I am usually the first person to preach to the heavens and tell you to #treatyoself all day ‘er day! Life is short, enjoy the one you have! (currently have an open tab on my browser with summer bathing suit searches)

What I mean is that pick what you’re treat will be before you pull out you credit card. A $300 flight to Europe is a much bigger and satisfying treat than coldstones, that cute summer dress, those heels that will lead to my death if they don’t get in my car asap, or whatever your weakness is. It’s hard, yes, but you can do it! I used to buy some THING once a week, convinced that the happiness it brings me well never fades. When it did, I would just buy something else to fill the space. Alas, a cycle we have. Don’t let TJMAXX run you! You run you! Watch how quickly you run to the airport once you can pay for that one-way flight to Copenhagen.



That’s a term I grew very comfortable with back in my insurance selling days. People are always going to say no to you, but you have to keep moving past them, because your “yes” man is just around the corner. I applied that lesson to every aspect of my life. Traveling more than two weeks a year  is unheard of in the US. Guess what though, although we are a great country, we are not the ONLY country in the world. In Europe, some countries have a standard 6-8 weeks a year. We have 2…2.

I say no more to the Nosayers!

Don’t let anyone get into your head that traveling to Thailand for 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years is a bad idea. Traveling is ALWAYS a good idea. Everyone wants to go, and no one wants to come back. What do you think that means? That maybe we should all be exploring more…yes, that’s it.


Can you smell the cheese that I’m throwing at ‘cha? Because it’s mighty strong. Hahaha. OK.

You have a beautiful, creative, unique mind; just like me! You have great ideas and should pursue them! The only path to greatness is filled with failed attempts. I’m pretty sure I just made that up.


The point? DO whatever it takes, and pretty soon you’ll be asking yourself what took you so long.


Voyaging Vanessa

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