Going to Nowhere

Hi everybody! Some of my posts start off with that greeting due to my deep admiration of The Simpsons tv show. There’s a character in the show, Dr. Nicholas Riviera, better known as Dr. Nick; a quack doctor whose always prescribing the easy way out. Whenever he comes out in an episode, he always says, “Hi everybody!”. … More Going to Nowhere

I Got Shot

Catchy title, no? But it is true, I got shot. I got shot 3 times, twice in my left arm and once in my right arm. And I paid for it! What is this madness you’re reading?! Allow me to explain; I was shot, by a medical assistant, who injected me with vaccines. Hehehehe As afraid, … More I Got Shot

Fearful to be Fearless

Hi guys, We’ve all had nightmares, right? The ones that wake you in the middle of the night, but you can’t remember a thing of what you’ve dreamt; or the ones where you feel like you’re falling, and you wake up just before you face plant. Regardless, nightmare suck. Our dreams are uncontrollable, un-predictable, and … More Fearful to be Fearless

5 Reasons why Lyon needs to be on your To Go list!

Hi everybody, The first time I ever traveled solo, I went to Lyon, France. I spent 5 amazing days there learning, exploring, and discovering why Lyon is such a great place to visit. Not necessarily an alternative to Paris, but certainly a to-go for your list! Food, food, food!  Lyon is the gastronomic capital of … More 5 Reasons why Lyon needs to be on your To Go list!