Ladies Corner

**Attention, this post contains sensitive subject matter to some gentlemen in the world, you have been warned!**

Hellooo Ladies,

I’m very excited to bring this subject matter to the blog because I am ALWAYS wondering what do girls really do?! Well, hopefully with sharing with you what I do , we can all help each other. 🙂

This little post is about my first time getting a Brazilian wax in Thailand, because why not?


I’m pretty crazy and up for most things, but when it comes to my beauty regimen, normally I stick to what has always worked for me. With waxing, it’s been one place, one kind of wax, and up until I moved to LA, one lady cleaning up my hoo-ha. However, because this S.E. Asia trip is over the standard 4-6 weeks of waxing, I knew I’d have to continue my trek through the jungle, or take a walk into a new city, well, I chose the latter! In Chiang Mai I met a lovely girl from norther Europe who I now call my friend. Let’s call her Ana. Ana told me about a woman who does waxing services for a fair price and is REALLY good. I of course was hesitant and said, “oh, good for you”! But as the weeks progressed, my patience thinned away and I finally gave in and went along with her to her next, and my first, appointment.

Upon arriving, I see the walls are filled, the ceilings, consumed, and any free space left was slowly dwindling away to the hundreds of notes written from satisfied customers. Of course, this immediately boosted my confidence; if all these women from around the world, including the US, love this woman’s work, then I should be ok, right?

My friend goes in first and time passes quickly. The woman, lets call her Sue, since I don’t remember her name, comes out with her and they are both smiling ear to ear. I’m thinking, ok, easy peasy. She ushers me into the private room and closes the door behind me. I look around the small space. One table, a microwave to heat her wax; organic wax I should mention, she makes it all herself! A fan aimed right at the table, everything is looking ok. I lay down and Sue comes in, then I notice that this isn’t the US of A anymore… Fresh new paper on the mat for a new bottom? Nope, a blanket instead that was definitely there all morning. Fresh new stick for every time she dips into the wax? Nope. Mixing the same stick into all her different wax pots? Oh you better believe she is. So there I was, as you all know what position one is in for these situations, and I had two options. Get up now, say thanks but no thanks and hasta la vista. Or, pray I don’t get a crazy disease and ride on in the name of adventure!

I chose the second option. And off we went! Sue had me laughing the entire time. It was the most fun I’ve ever had while getting waxed. It was the only fun I’ve ever had actually. She made jokes, asked me not to kick her in the face, and made my comfort the utmost importance the whole time. The time passed quicker than it normally does for me, and we were done. I did my best to not think about all the things that would surely have a shop shut down back home, as I experienced them here. I happily paid the woman and we went on our way.

My take away? Try something different, it won’t kill you. Sure, did I wish she didn’t re dip the waxing stick? Or at least replace it a few times? Yes, of course. But did I die? Nope! I laughed all the way home with my friend as we contemplated all the things that people would never do back home. I felt like a new woman! Literally and metaphorically, hahaha! Would I go back to Sue again? Yup! But I would ask her to open a fresh pot of wax for me. 🙂

Until next time ladies! Feel free to ask me any more *specific* questions via e-mail if you’re more comfortable. 🙂

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