5 Reasons why Lyon needs to be on your To Go list!

Hi everybody, The first time I ever traveled solo, I went to Lyon, France. I spent 5 amazing days there learning, exploring, and discovering why Lyon is such a great place to visit. Not necessarily an alternative to Paris, but certainly a to-go for your list! Food, food, food!  Lyon is the gastronomic capital of … More 5 Reasons why Lyon needs to be on your To Go list!

Why Thailand?

Hi everyone! Earlier this week a dear old friend from elementary school text me. She asked me a question that in turn pushed me to admit my motives. “Why Thailand?” We talk sparingly, so I was a bit surprised from her out of the blue-ness, but I answered with the first thing that came to … More Why Thailand?

Tea Time

I love food. I love travel. I love traveling to find new food. I love cooking food. And food loves me. 🙂 Several times a week, (lets face it, every day) I crave something particular to eat. It starts as a cuisine craving, and then I narrow down the dish. Pinterest usually steps in to … More Tea Time